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Use the new Markup Assist utility, found in the Markup menu (M), to easily import, annotate, and submit your files. Choose Insert Imported Markup, place it into your drawing, and it will be incorporated into your drawing automatically.Get a trial version at no cost, and then upgrade to the 2019 version to use this powerful new feature.Do you already use standard markup, such as dimension lines and text? In AutoCAD 2023, you can send and integrate this markup into your drawing by dragging from a reference.Projected Section:Create your own 2D plans and sections on the fly in 3D. Create an isometric projection of your design onto an orthographic or spherical coordinate plane for use as a projected section.On the right side of the Screen, choose Projected Section.Select the plane you want to project your design onto, and choose Normalized.This creates an orthographic projected section.Select a specific project, then select the preview of your model.Use the scroll bars to navigate your model.Show and hide the field grid and marker lines.Synchronize your model with your screen orientation.Convert any plans, sections, or sections of your design to a plan view.All of your saved plans and sections are available.Keep in mind that this tool does not create an actual plan view, just a sectional view of your model.Cutout:From your design, easily generate, export, and add to your drawings a graphical cutout of any object, from circles to complex cuts.On the right side of the Screen, choose Cutout.Select the desired object, and then choose the desired operation.Use the Screen and the scroll bars to navigate your model, if necessary.Clone:Save a duplicate of any object in the drawing.Clone lets you make a copy of any object in the drawing.Using the green arrow in the upper right corner of the Screen, click anywhere in the drawing to launch the Clone tool.Select any object in the drawing to make it a starting point for the clone.Click the green arrow in the upper right corner of the Screen to continue.Select 2be273e24d

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