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The Bonelli Family 3 generations of hoteliers

The hotel Le Grand Chalet, was built in 1896  under the name "Pension Sylvana" with the remains of materials from  constructions of the Grand Hotel located 500m.

In the 1900s, Joséphine & Alfred Neveu became owners of the hotel La Tour d'Aï, below the village,   as well as the Pension Sylvana, at Le Feydey.

Alfred Neveu becomes Olympic Bob 4-man Champion  during the  first games in 1924 in Chamonix. The current restaurant "La Ferme à Fredy" takes  its name in homage to the first generation.

In 1972, Claudine Bonelli  the daughter of Joséphine & Alfred Neveu takes over the Sylvana boarding house with her husband Livio Bonelli.  From then on Claudine & Livio proceeded to  numerous renovations in order to go from pension to a 2 star hotel. (Construction of a restaurant, creation of bath/shower in all rooms, improvement of furniture, modification  a large lounge/bar and reception.)

In 1992 the 2-star Sylvana hotel became the Le Grand Chalet 3 hotel.  stars with a two-wing construction and a chalet roof on the old roof of the Sylvana. The hotel goes from 15 to 30 rooms  completely renovated in just 4 months of construction.

In 2002, Jacky Bonelli son of Claudine & Livio resumed this beautiful tradition with his wife Lysiane Bonelli in order to continue  this beautiful family tradition. After a few years of renovations & improvements such as a fireplace lounge bar, an outdoor jacuzzi spa.  Between 2011 & 2014,  Lysiane & Jacky decide to  renovate  entirely the hotel, in an old wood style in order to give an authentic alpine charm to their customers.

Lysiane & Jacky
Famille Bonelli
Alfred Neveu champion olympique
Alfred Neveu champion olympique
L'hotel Sylvana 2 étoiles
Le Grand Chalet aujourd'hui
Pension Sylvana
Prix de la pension Sylvana
Alfred Neveu champion olympique
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